Letter: Gebe Lambert’s Hit List!

POSTED: 11/2/11 12:00 PM

When will Lambert be stopped?

Dear Editor,

It seems that no matter which part in the world Mr. William Brooks moves to or wherever else he should get a job he will continue to be hounded by Lambert. This man has absolutely no scruples. His craving for vengeance even seems to extend to the rest of Mr. Brooks’ family or anyone that is considered a “friend”. He puts the devil himself to shame.

Last week he suspended GEBE’s distribution manager, who happens to be Mr. Brooks’ brother, and demoted him to boot. He then goes on SXM Island Times and a radio interview to boast about his latest accomplishment. With total disregard of the fact that the distribution manager has served the company for more than 25 years and these so-called irregularities date all the way back to the time that Lambert himself was in charge of that department. He has the nerve to blame others for situations he himself has created in the past. Has he forgotten how he made the company of his own brother the biggest contractor in GEBE? Certain persons within the company were considered “untouchables” and could get away with any transgression as long as they remained his informant. They of course were and still are his loyal followers.

It is blatantly clear throughout the company that the interim manager Mr. Paul Marshall was promised by the board (read: Lambert) that for his “aid” in getting rid of Mr. Brooks’ brother he would be rewarded with a promotion to the function of distribution manager. The road has now been paved. How is it possible that a department head is appointed as interim manager, and as such becomes the boss of his own department manager, and with his “new powers” goes on to demote his boss with the intention to become the new distribution manager? Why has another manager (whom Lambert considers a Brooks’ supporter) received a written warning for a mistake made in haste by the board itself? Why are other employees whom he considers Brooks’ allies constantly being harassed? When will this stop?

The other supervisory board members and the shareholder foundation board are apparently unable or unwilling to step in and stop this outrageous behavior.

We the workers beseech the Minister of Energy and Water, Mr. Theo Heyliger to step up to the plate and put an end to this madness! We all have families with mouths to feed.

 In order not to incur the wrath of Mr. Lambert we kindly request not to have our names mentioned.

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