Letter: Exchange school fee for a laptop and a kindle

POSTED: 04/19/12 12:30 PM

Dear Editor,

Parents, government, educators, and students pay attention please. Many secondary school students and their parents complain about having to pay a yearly sum for school fee. What do you think about abolishing school fee altogether and having all students come to school with their own laptops and a kindle?

This, in my opinion, will solve many problems in one shot. To name a few:

Number one – students and parents will stop complaining about having to pay school fee. You can get a laptop now for the same amount as a year’s school fee. It will also cost parents less money in the long run, compared to having to pay school fee every year. If a child already has a laptop, this proposal is even better. Think of a laptop as a black berry and just like you could afford a black berry you can afford a laptop.

Number two – the educational system will, in one shot, be upgraded a notch to fit the information technology age that we live in.

Number three – students will be more motivated and interested in their school work.

Number four – books can be abolished. Students, for example can buy and read required school books via Kindle at very low prices.

Number five – no heavy books to carry means less back, neck, and shoulder problems, which will in turn reflect in less national and personal health expenses.

Number six – there will be fewer complaints from students about school requirements for big bags and less broken books from students stuffing big books in the small popular bags. This then will translate in less money that the schools will have to invest each year to supplement broken books.

Number seven – this switch will cost government and hence tax payers no money at all.

Number eight – it will allow teachers and schools to upgrade their teaching resources to match the information technology era we live in.

Number nine – it will reduce government’s expenses to have to invest in more computers for schools.

Number ten – it will create new business for stores and possibly insurance companies who would insure these devices at a low cost in case of theft or damage.

Number eleven – it will allow all these students the opportunity to buy my e-books online at any time and at dirt cheap prices.

Now is this a great proposal for one and all or what? Think about it for a few minutes and then take action.

Promoting success for our young people,

Patricia Varlack

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