Letter: Emancipation Day blues

POSTED: 06/26/12 12:07 PM

In the Day of Emancipation no one should be subjected to labor exploitation.

This is the way I think
This is the way I do
This is the way I show
My care and my love for you

Sint Martin baby nation
You deserve much more than this
It is time for emancipation
With freedom and justice

Sint Martin my dear
Each day I want to say goodbye
Each day I want to die here
Each day I swallow my cry
Day and night I swallow my tears
And this has been for many years

Some may say I have no rights here
But that is not really my real concern
But your people’s humanity and dignity is
My real concern is also and above all
My clear conscience
And without her
Would never be able to bear
To see you in pain and violated
On your fundamental rights and hopelessness

I do love you and I care
And for you I’ll be here
And buy valium from thailand online I’ll watch you to grow
But where you go
I really don’t know
And how to bear
If I stay here

I can’t live just watching your state of mind
From crime and revenge to negligence
I want to see the change in you
Of your traditional mindset
I want to see you treated
Like a rabbit like a pet

Sint Martin my dear baby nation
Each day I want to say goodbye
Each day I want to die here
Every day I struggle to bear
To see so much suffering in silence

If nothing is done to stop labor exploitation
It is like to ignore the wellbeing of every family
The wellbeing of a new nation
And its entire population
For a long, very long generation

Cette mentalité qui ressemble le temps de l’esclavage
Peut provoquer des idées un peu sauvage.

Rui Bagina

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