Letter: Do the right thing!

POSTED: 11/22/11 8:10 AM

The owners and management of the Simpson Bay Pelican Resort should do the right thing for the employees of their resort and not hide behind a court judgment that allows them to put so many persons out of work. Even if the law is on your side (???), show some empathy. You had already included them in your budgeted figures, and now supposedly because of a technicality, you are coming back on that decision.

Please disregard the distasteful theatrical performances in high places, look your (former) employees in their eyes, see the anguish and the pain you are causing. Then when you plan your Thanksgiving dinner for this Thursday evening, filled with sumptuous, well braised, Butter Ball Turkeys with deliciously spiced stuffing, reconsider the stand you took regarding these 100+ employees. Whether you are legally right or not, show that you do have a conscience and give the people their jobs back. Give them a Christmas gift in November….

Michael J Ferrier,
(Concerned citizen).

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