Letter: Disappointed in ice show

POSTED: 06/5/12 12:01 PM

Dear Editor,

I wish to express my profound disappointment in the “Mario Bros on Ice” Show that was held at the L.B. Scot Sports Auditorium on June 2 and June 3. In my opinion the show was a total rip off.
When I paid $25 for my daughter and me to attend the show, I was looking forward to getting my money’s worth. All this show was about was some people dressed up as TV characters on a skate and running around on ice. To me, they were only showing their able to skate on ice without falling down. There was absolutely no coordinated performance, dance or story. From the time the show began Mario Brothers characters came on stage skating from side to side, displaying their talent to skate. Their dancing was that of someone who could not dance (out of tune and rhythm) and so the entire show that was it.
As an artist and someone who organizes events, I was expecting some kind of performance, skit, dance or a message.
The children were screaming because they saw their favorite TV character come to life in front of them. Other than that there was no substance to the show. If the organizers of the show are not creative or talented then they should have hired Imbali, Motiance or St. Maarten Dance Theatre to choreograph some pieces for them. St. Maarten is bursting at her seams with talented and creative artists.
After a while I went outside – the bench was uncomfortable and the place was hot and I was there looking at a stupid show, which I paid good money to see. In my disgust, I expressed my opinion to the people at the gate. A St. Maartener answered and told me “If you don like it then you shouldn’t come”. I said to him – no wonder people come here and do as they like. He could not see that these people are taking us for a ride and chose to defend their foolishness. This reminds me of another artist who complained to a former Lieutenant Governor about racist treatment he received in a bar in Cole Bay along the lagoon. The former Lt. Governor told him “Then don’t go back there.” This is profound for me!
This show was not worth it and you (the organizers) know it. Your show should not be allowed back on the island, if this is the foolishness you bring and charge BIG money. The show was a stupid, expensive show

Marian Jno-Finn

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