Letter: Daniel Gibbs: A man of courage

POSTED: 06/18/12 12:56 PM

Dear Editor,

St. Martin/St. Maarten has change and continues to change in favor of the native St. Maarten/St. Martin people. For the first time in history we had political debates in St. Martin which was for the national level, but the topic that dominated was: What is in it for the St. Martin people?
Our new deputy on St. Martin is the first native St. Martin politician that has the courage to reinforce that the grassroots St. Martin/St. Maarten people of heritage need special privilege to compete in our system where we are a minority in our country. Out of all the political leaders Deputy Daniel Gibbs has the most heart and is the most brave. He is not afraid to defend and stand for his people. I respect him very much for keeping his political career on a high level, while focusing on the issues.
What Deputy Daniel Gibbs has to prove to the others is that St. Martin is more important than any political party and fight to enact legislation that can make St. Martin more business friendly for local and foreign investors. He has to use his political skills to convince president Alain Richardson to reduce the capital gain tax the way they were before and possibly enact more indirect taxes, which can be a consumption tax on alcoholic beverages and cigarettes or find more means via indirect taxation which he understands well. It will be wise for President Alain Richardson to compromise on the taxation level which will be a win-win for him and Daniel Gibbs. More importantly it would be a win for French St. Martin.
They must reform the social welfare system for St. Martin to be more economically stable. That will enable people to become added value to the economy and not a burden. This means design it so that the longer you are on social welfare the least funds you will get.
The position Deputy Daniel Gibbs is in, requires that he must use wisdom to make him a much better politician than he is and I know his knowledge of law and knowledge on economy is far superior to that of the RRR.
Yes it is no secret that the voters on St. Barths brought home victory but remember he is also Deputy for St. Barths also. The reason why St. Barths is so successful is they are very selective with who they allow as immigrants in their country and I agree with them 100 percent. That is why they are rich and St. Martin is bankrupt. The people in St. Barths understand business and therefore they see and understand that Deputy Daniel Gibbs is no doubt the best man for the job.
While St. Barths is applying personal responsibility on its population, St. Martin is practicing hand out. St. Barths cannot be wrong. That is why they are successful. St. Martin should learn from its sister island of St. Barths. We want people that have money or education to enter our island and not people of burdens.
Daniel Gibbs has the courage to do the right thing and not the popular thing. That is why he won against all odds. Rest assured Deputy Daniel Gibbs once you continue to support the grassroots St. Martin people we will continue to vote for you. God bless you and much success with your political career.

Yours truly,

Miguel Arrindell
The patriot

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