Letter: Culture of deception and destruction

POSTED: 06/25/12 2:49 PM

Dear Editor,

In the days when I grew up on St. Maarten, we had no ball fields, no basketball courts, no television and one radio station “The Voice of St. Maarten PJD2” with two disc jockeys Brother Maher and Sidney Lejuez. They simply played godly sermons and religious music all day long.
To entertain ourselves after school we made our own toys – rollers with milk can covers, fishing line and thread spools – played marbles, spin tops and made kille bans. Most people today don’t ever know what a kille ban is. Ask older St. Maarten people what it is…We also made little one-man zinc boats which we first tested in the Salt Pond to make sure they weren’t leaking before taking them in the sea.
As we grew older, about twelve years old or so, we received our own fish and pellet guns from our parents to go fishing and hunting with. Those of us who had no boats got hold of a used car or truck tube from “Cyrus Wathey” – the only gas station at the time – to be able to get far enough out in the ocean so we could snorkel and spear fish. Several days a week after school we went hunting through the hill with our pellet guns for mountain and ground doves.
As we got a little older and more proficient at diving, we dove for lobster, grouper, snapper, turtle, goat fish, puppy shark etc. with our fish guns. Cock fighting was the pastime of our parents on weekends.
In recent years, people from cultures of sex with animals, paedophilia, homosexuality, abortion [the murder of unborn babies] and euthanasia [the killing of old people when they deem them to be no long useful to society], came to tell us we can’t own a fish gun, cock fight, have a dolphin park or eat turtle and puppy shark.
These people are: pro homosexuality [the origin of aids], which have already killed millions of people worldwide are against the death penalty for first degree murderers. However, they support the murdering of millions of unborn babies ‘abortion’. They also came to tell us we can’t cut down a tree in our yards. Yet, when they arrived here, they brought not even one tree in their suitcases with them.When you came here you met cock fighting. If you don’t like it: leave!
How much longer are we going to sit back and allow these people from deviant cultures to take away our personal freedom and destroy hundreds of years of the St. Maarten culture? Stand up against these people of deception and destruction.
“A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peter Gunn

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