Letter: CPA on the scene for 2013

POSTED: 01/8/13 11:42 AM

We have been observing and assessing the mentality and attitude of the government institutions which includes the parliament of St. Maarten since 10-10-10. It is unfortunately sad that we have to inform you that our parliament still does not understand how to treat and respect other entities such as our political party the CPA (Concordia Political Alliance) which ran in the last local elections on September 17, 2010.

We say this because we have been monitoring the way they exclude us by not inviting us to any event for political parties established on St. Maarten. I want to begin this year by setting the political boundaries right. The four parties that contested the last election were the NA, DP, UP and CPA. From those four parties only three were able to capture seats in the parliament. The CPA did not manage to capture a seat in the last election but just as the other three parties the CPA is also a political organization with its own electorate, which are the citizens that have the right to vote on St. Maarten.

The CPA party obtained a number of those votes. We did not receive sufficient votes to obtain a seat in parliament which for us was unfortunate but yet we still respected the choice that was made by the electorate.

We have observed that the people which this government says it is working for are disrespected on a daily basis with the service that is rendered to the people. There are cases when a request is never responded to and for me this is disrespect for the people government says it is working for.

E.g. the new government building on Pond Island that is sitting there for a number of years and is not being used. This is a waste of tax payers’ money. On the other hand government continues to assess the small man with astronomical amounts of taxes that we have to pay otherwise we are penalized for it. But ask the question of who is penalized when government wastes the tax payers money by paying an amount of over US$ 481,000 every quarter since 2008 for the rent of our new government building that has not been used up to this moment.

The theme for the governing program “Working for the People” should be distributed to the public shortly. People please read the program and then judge the government by what they say they will do for St. Maarten. So when political parties are informed by government or parliament on certain developments we of the CPA hope to be treated equally by receiving an invitation as well. With the same dignity and respect the others are treated with. The CPA has its ideas, concepts and plans with a vision to move this country called St. Maarten forward and will do so when the people give us the opportunity to serve.

Everyone must feel as if they are a part of the building process. We must build a new St. Maarten with a new order in a new era.


I want to apologize to the general public for not being as vocal as they wanted me during the past year because of personal circumstances with my family which was beyond my control. Nevertheless I assure you that as of this year 2013 we of the CPA would be a voice that will be heard.

The people must prevail above politicians. In another news media there was an article on Friday, January 4, 2013 that read: Public invited to exchange with Dutch MP’s January 10.

We are waiting on our invitation to meet with the Dutch MP’s on Thursday, January 10, 2013 commencing at 7.30 p.m. Please inform us of what the objectives are of this visit from the Dutch MP’s.

Secondly after this exchange what will be the next step that will be taken and will the complaints and comments from the public be taken into consideration? If so will a report be made of this visit and will the findings of the exchange be implemented? It is left to be seen if this exchange will just be a useless exercise or if it will yield any positive fruits.

We would like to appeal to the general public to still come out on Thursday and let your voices be heard. And to the population of St. Maarten and the entireDutchKingdomwe want to say a prosperous New Year and may St. Maarten continue to live on by giving all of you an opportunity to be counted. God bless you and God bless St. Maarten.


C. Jeffrey Richardson,

Leader Concordia Political Alliance (CPA)


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