Letter: Clear and present danger

POSTED: 02/28/12 1:39 PM

Dear editor,

There is a clear and present danger in our country. This danger can hurt us as a country in 3 manners. It can hurt us economically, politically and culturally. Please let me explain. Let’s say that our electorate has 5000 Haitians of Dutch nationality and 4000 Dominicans of Dutch nationality another 2000 Jamaicans of Dutch nationality and about 1500 Guyanese of Dutch nationality, they alone together have a total of 12500 of the electorate or people who can vote. They have the majority and will vote people of their culture and heritage into parliament. They can pass laws to remove visas for Haitians, Dominicans, Guyanese and Jamaicans which will foster more people of their heritage to enter the country.

Legally this can happen right now if all foreigners are smart enough to come together and take control of St. Maarten. Remember this will be thanks to the UP party, DP and National Alliance, the political parties that betrayed our native people.
Let me be very clear now, while we the native people are holding on to our so-called Jesus which is the UP Party, DP and NA the foreigners are coming together and will unseat us in our own country. When they do it will be our fault. We chose political parties (UP, DP, and NA) over love for our native people.

Culturally the little that we have will dissipate; it will be only compa music, bachata, dancehall and chutney. That means St. Maarten/Saint Martin culture is over. Politically and I will agree with the foreigners on this one, there will be no need for UP, DP and National Alliance.

The foreigners can say thank you for betraying your people and get lost we do not need you anymore. Economically they will make sure that at no time the native people get special privileges, because it will be discrimination against them by the new people of other heritage that have Dutch and French nationality.

As fools sitting back and not doing anything we will help UP, DP, and NA exterminate ourselves. Now is the time to use all means necessary to show we get special privileges and be recognized in our constitution. Failure to this is an agreement or a sign declaration to allow outside forces to destroy ourselves. And then we will only have ourselves to blame. We will go down as the only people to sit back and let our self be exterminated and say foolishly, what can we do.

The conclusion is God said for a lack of knowledge people will perish. I have provided you with what we have to do. So in the next 10 years when it is over, just smile and say it is our fault for being foolish. Do not forget to thank UP, DP and NA for being politically correct and letting us be the sacrificial lamb. God does not bless fools. You do not have to like it, but it is still the truth

The Patriot Miguel Arrindell. 

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