Letter: Chase and destroy?

POSTED: 10/18/11 12:09 PM

Dear Editor,

Please allow me a few words in your well-read daily paper.
On Friday I read on the front page of another daily newspaper that Mr. William Brooks was appointed as the new CEO of St. Kitts Electricity Corporation SKElec. I was glad to read that he was doing so well and would like to start by saying “congratulations” to Mr. Brooks.
Imagine my surprise and dismay at reading the article on page 4 of today’s (Monday’s) edition of another daily newspaper in which Mr. Lambert is trying to discredit the young man.
One of our own, a young professional full of ambition and pride to be back home, was forced to leave his country and go to live in another man’s country to try and make an honest living, which he is being denied here on St. Maarten by his own people.
To my utter shock I now read that this was still not enough for Mr. Lambert as he is still trying to bash him and stop him from succeeding elsewhere in the world. How does this man sleep at night? Will he be only satisfied when he has totally destroyed the man?
Is this the manner in which we intend to build our country St. Maarten? Not only do we get rid of our own professionals but when they are forced to go elsewhere we hunt them down to finish them off.
Have we become a people with no scruples? I wonder what the people of St. Kitts must be thinking of us. Will we continue to just sit back and allow this type of malicious acts to take place?

Marcie Martina

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