Letter: Chamber of Commerce a rubber stamp for Government?

POSTED: 11/30/11 7:02 AM

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to reiterate current president of the Chamber of Commerce Mr. Glen Carty’s statement 1 year ago: “Government’s failure to “get its act together” in a year and to reverse any further increase in Turnover Tax (ToT) will result in “corporate disobedience,” said Chamber of Commerce President Glen CartyHe told another daily newspaper  on Monday that the Chamber will be “filing permission” for a “protest march” on December 6, 2011.
I am awaiting Mr. Glen Carty’s announcement of the protest march as government clearly has not ‘got its act together’ and the 2012 budget is in all likelihood based on the continuation of the 5 percent Turnover Tax.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note the list of new candidates for the board of the CoC, of which many have a direct or indirect link to the largest ruling party – United People’s (UP) Party.

The only solution would be a Chamber of Commerce that is privately funded and managed without any government interference in order for the correct representation of the businesses to take place and would allow for the proper scrutiny. Otherwise, the appearance of the institute as a rubber stamp for Government has become more than just the appearance.

James Durby

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