Letter: Cash for guns does not and will not work!

POSTED: 10/11/11 1:38 PM

Dear Editor,

Is this MP James for real? Cash-For-Guns has never worked anywhere it was tried. It has only served to disarm a few good citizens that had unregistered guns in Australia, Washington D.C., Chicago, New York City and other cities and countries that tried this program. It was also tried in Mexico. See what’s going on there now where only the criminals are armed. All of these cities and countries have some of the highest crime rates anywhere, because only gang members, armed robbers and drug dealers remain armed. We must ask ourselves these questions. Will a carpenter trade in his saw and hammer? So, what makes us think that criminals will trade in their tools of the trade?

One need look no further than last month’s rioting in London to see that violence and chaos do not end when the populace has been disarmed. At least 100 homes burned to the ground, and shopkeepers watched helplessly as their businesses were pillaged and their livelihoods destroyed. London’s Metropolitan Police issued a 13-point list of ‘crime prevention’ tips that boiled down to a few basic recommendations: Remove valuable items from view, fire up closed-circuit surveillance cameras and call the police emergency number when the rioters arrive. Not that placing one of the 20,800 calls received in a night would have done much good. By the time the police restored order, damage estimates exceeded $300 million.

When chaos hit the streets of Los Angeles in 1992, police beat a hasty retreat. Shop owners in Asian neighborhoods, by contrast, took matters into their own hands. They organized themselves and stood watch from rooftops with their personal rifles, shotguns and pistols. They opened fire on local gangs and approaching looters, enabling the good guys to end the day with their places of business unmolested and their lives spared.

Leftists prefer everyone to become victims. Allowing good people to defend themselves requires the intolerant admission that there’s a difference between good and evil. It’s safer for them to put all of their reliance upon government and blame society when the state isn’t up to the task.

Peter Gunn

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  1. irie says:

    Dear Peter,

    I do agree with you that the cash for guns programme will not work. Your argument is spot on that criminals will not give up their tools of trade.

    While your mob vs. private citizen argument is persuading, it can’t be used to convince readers that the choice of having a gun should be left to the ordinary citizen. I strongly believe, that it will create a whole set of other problems that will make the first objective indifferent, that is to prevent crime.

    I must say, I believe that one should have the right to protect themselves in the name of self defence, even with a gun. I also believe in the right of maintaining public safety, and having less guns on the streets is one way of doing that. So to choose between both is a fine balance, and it isn’t easy.

    To be frank, I don’t think the real problem lies on guns itself, or the (left) government as you pointed out. The real problem, in my humble opinion is the attitude of a certain society. The fabric of society should determine the type of gun policy that should be put in place.

    A society is more successful to overcome the innate aggressiveness in humanity if it wishes to do so, e.g. when a young kid is taught to resolve conflict without violence. An aggressive society has less of a chance of achieving low patterns of violence if it continues to glorify violence, aggressiveness and wars.

    Switzerland and the U.S. have one thing in common, both are gun toting societies, but their inherent attitudes are polar opposites. Do not underestimate civic virtue.