Letter by reader: Open Letter to the public of St. Maarten Police Brutality

POSTED: 02/27/11 9:13 PM

Dear Editor,

It is my sincere privilege to thank all of you, who in one way or the other expressed sympathy with me after my ordeal of police brutality, which recently took place. Without your support and prayers, it would never have been possible for me to overcome the effects of this traumatic experience, of which the reason, up to this day remains unexplained to me.
Not intending to forget anyone, I feel obliged to thank some people by name. To start with, Police Chief Commissioner, for inviting me to meet with him on Monday, February 28, 2010. Also, I must thank the many police officers who, on a daily basis, are doing an honorable job in keeping our community safe under very difficult circumstances. In addition, I thank the various media outlets and websites. Also to the many people who shared their experiences of police brutality on the various websites.
I must also express my deep gratitude to people within our community, for their outpouring of support and concern. This support has made me realize that the hurt and pain I suffered at the hands of the police, has turned out to be divine intervention of me becoming a voice of all those who have suffered injustice at the hand of law enforcement.
Even though I am not yet clear on what the intention is of Chief Commissioner De Witte, for this meeting, here is what I would like it to certainly include: Part of the ongoing process that will lead to the further upgrading of the functioning of the police force, as part of a healing process between the police and the community at large.

Cimmaron Marlin

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Letter by reader: Open Letter to the public of St. Maarten Police Brutality by

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