Letter: Appalled

POSTED: 02/22/12 1:19 PM

Dear Editor,


I was appalled this morning when a security guard from Mullet Bay Golf Course strongly informed me that pedestrians could no longer walk the fringes of the golf course going from Cupecoy to Maho or vice versa.

“You can walk on the road,” he said.

That attitude not only shows a lack of caring for walkers, but it is ironic in light of the fact that his boss has totally eliminated the side of the road by placing huge boulders along the roadway. Anyone who is on or near that road at Mullet Bay on a Monday morning knows the danger of having those boulders on the side of the road when people drive as fast as they do through that area.

The developer obviously does not care about the safety of people in that area.  Is it going to take a pedestrian or auto death before the government does something about it?  And I always thought this was the Friendly Island!

Leigh Herington

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