Letter: An appeal to the General Pension Fund St. Maarten

POSTED: 04/10/12 2:04 PM

Dear Editor,

I am making an appeal to the board members and the director of the General Pension Fund St. Maarten (APS) to cancel the rule that compels pensioners, who reside on the island, to submit a statement yearly that certifies that they are still alive. This statement is a so called “Attestatie de Vita”, which has to be picked up in person at the Civil Registry (Census Office) and has to be paid for.
We all know how hectic it can become in the public area of the Civil Registry and to put someone of age through such an ordeal yearly is not the right thing to do. Besides putting the pensioners through that ordeal, the pensioners must also pay for the statement, which means that the pensioners spend what the majority of them don’t have much of.
The APNA never requested such a statement from its members living in the former Netherlands Antilles. If APS really wants to establish that the pensioners are alive, why not allow them to visit the office. APS can create a system whereby the pensioners via appointments can come by the office. I am sure the pensioners will show up. For the pensioners who, because of illness or some physical disability, cannot come by the office give them the courtesy and send someone to their home.
Government and government owned institutions must place more emphasis on their service to the pensioners. And by the way the pensioners have not received their cost of living increase for the year 2010. Why treat them so poorly? For the majority of the pensioners every little bit counts.
So prime minister, minister of finance and board members of the General Pension Fund St. Maarten treat the pensioners with dignity and do the right thing. Give them what is due to them.

Todd Peterson

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