Letter: A clean environment: added value to the quality of life

POSTED: 01/20/14 1:11 PM

Dear Editor,

Please allow us to draw some attention to an ever growing problem on this beautiful island: pollution of our environment. We will be very brief and this opinion letter will be short, because one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the consequences of a polluted environment.

Lately there has been an increased amount of people infected by the dengue virus as well as by the chikungunya virus. Mosquitoes, other insects, and rodents are having a field day in environments where there are lots of littering and no maintenance of that specific area. Besides creating health hazards, the stench is sometimes hard to deal with and a polluted environment is simply not nice to the eyes. Who would rather watch a pile of garbage then a well maintained area? On top of that: it’s simply not good for our brand name St. Maarten.

Lots of calls on residents have been made lately by our government to fight the breeding of mosquitos in and around their houses. We would like to take it a step further: we would like to encourage everyone to participate in neighborhood clean-ups. Take one or two days in 2014 to go into your neighborhood with your fellow residents and clean your neighborhood. If everyone does their part it will make a significant difference to this island and to your own life. A clean environment is also an added value to the quality of your life. #sxmmovement


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