Let’s Travel launches Let’s Cruise

POSTED: 11/19/12 1:50 PM

St. Maarten – Local travel agency, Let’s Travel, launches a new service called Let’s Cruise in an effort to tap into the underdeveloped cruise market in St. Maarten and create new jobs in the process.

Terrence Rey, who took over the management of Let’s Travel, says “When I see the amount of cruise ships in the harbor each week and the thousands of cruise passengers visiting our island daily, I am surprised that more St. Maarteners don’t book a cruise vacation as it is a very affordable and great way to experience the Caribbean in a very short period of time.”

Let’s Cruise will be staffed by a new generation of young, energetic and motivated travel agent trainees, starting with Shelley Maynard, who was recently hired by Rey after she graduated from the St. Maarten Academy this year. “I am especially keen on hiring young people in my new companies” explains Rey. “As a matter of fact, the Let’s Cruise logo and the Lets Cruise.co website was designed by a young web designer, Alexi Flanders, whom I had hired in July right out of a three months Web Design Course that the Small Business Development Foundation had organized with assistance from the Social Economic Initiative in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and funded by Usona.”

Lets-Cruise.co will be offering affordable cruises for couples, families and groups of all sizes. “Combined with the knowledge and experience of the present staff of Let’s Travel in airline bookings, hotel reservations and the group charter possibilities offered by partner company, AirStMaarten, Let’s Cruise is in a position to develop the cruise market on St. Maarten to a level where more jobs can be created for young people looking to make a career in the travel industry.

“We will be hosting presentations together with other cruise companies in the Caribbean and the USA and we will be organizing open days with the cruise lines in order to create more awareness for cruise vacations.” Rey continues. “Ultimately, my dream is to see a cruise ship depart from the port of St. Maarten with hundreds of St. Maarteners on board, not only as passengers, but as crew members as well.”

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