Leos hand out earplugs during Grand Parade

POSTED: 04/27/11 11:52 AM

St. Maarten – With little Justin Meyers and endearing Kezia Hoeve as the stars of the show, the Leo Club and the Lions Club presented the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation yesterday symbolically with one thousand earplugs.

The Leo’s will distribute the earplugs during the Grand Parade on Saturday, and the presentation at the SCDF-office was designed to create awareness for the importance of protecting young children’s ears against the Carnival sound wall.

“The human ear is able to take sound levels of 80 decibel maximum,” Lion Wally Havertong said. “During the parade in Front Street the sound levels go to between 150 and 180 decibel. That is twice the maximum amount an ear is able to handle.”

Leo President Sabrina Carty said that the Leo’s will tell parents during the parade about the need to protect their children’s hearing. “The sound can damage their ears,” she said. “This has not been given any special attention before. This is a joint project of the Leo Club and the Lions Club. We want to let people know that music that is too loud is very damaging.”

That last remark turned out to be not entirely correct; Lion Lisandra Havertong said that the Lions Club had supported the Carnival organization with earplugs form the first time ten years ago. SCDF president Stuart Johnson confirmed that over the years, several sponsors have provided earplugs.

“I am excited about this initiative from the Leo’s and the Lions. It shows a commitment to step up to the plate to bring about greater health awareness.”


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Leos hand out earplugs during Grand Parade by

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