Lenny Priest wants lower Gebe tariffs for schools

POSTED: 08/14/15 9:35 AM


St. Maarten – Lenny Priest, leader of the extra-parliamentary One St. Maarten People Party (OSPP) has submitted a motion to the President of Parliament, Dr. Lloyd Richardson that asks for lower energy tariffs for public and subsidized schools and for the installation of solar panels on the roofs of the school buildings.

The constitution does not offer a possibility for citizens to submit motions to the parliament. Based on article 24 of the constitution, citizens are free to submit “written requests to the competent authorities.”

Based on article 24 of the rules of order of parliament, such requests will be referred to the relevant committee in a public meeting of parliament.

Neither the constitution nor the rules of order allow citizens to submit motions directly for consideration to parliament.

Nevertheless, Priest is asking parliament to adopt his motion and, by approving it, ask the Council of Ministers to instruct the supervisory and managing board of Gebe to charge the schools a special tariff equivalent to the residential rate and to install solar panels on the schools.

Furthermore, Priest asks to keep the savings from applying the special tariff and from the switch to solar power within the education system. This money could be used to improve the quality of education by investing in information technology, and to reduce school fees.

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Lenny Priest wants lower Gebe tariffs for schools by

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  1. Mr. Orson Durgaram says:

    With this mail I want to let you all know that this person, Lenny Priest is a big lyer and a man that don’t know what means to be a man of his word. Leonard Priest is handling the sale and distribution of our inhertance but after more than 10 years he has promised at latest the 15th of august 2015, to pay us out an advancement. Before that mr. Elco Rosario had promised in 2 weeks, and no advance payment has been made up to now. If there’s another name for this man it should be THIEF.