Leader credit card fraud sentenced to 36 months

POSTED: 11/1/12 11:52 AM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced three credit card fraudsters to prison sentences from 18 to 36 months yesterday. The three defrauded two electronics stores and a car rental company for more than $12,000 by making payments with stolen credit cards. Alfredo Barossi Fernandez – considered the leader of the gang – was sentenced to 36 months. Andrea Concepcion-Concepcion was sentenced to 20 months, and Gabriella Maria Berletta was sentenced to 18 months. Of the last two sentences, 6 months are conditional and the court imposed3 years of probation on the two women.

Barossi Fernandez, 68, received a sentence that is 12 months below prosecutor Tineke Kamps’ demand at the trial on October 10. The ageing fraudster sent his 28-year-old partner Andrea Concepcion and 35-year-old Gabriella Berletta into stores with stolen credit cards he had bought on the internet. The women bought iPhones, iPads and several accessories at Blue Point and Klass Electronics. They also paid for a rental car from Safari Car Rental with a stolen credit card.

On June 11 Berletta and Concepcion were caught at Blue point when two police officers observed them buying more electronics. They asked for their identification and found that one of the women carried a fake Italian driver’s license and that she had several credit cards showing the same name as the driver’s license in her possession.
The fraudsters told investigators later that they used wigs and contact lenses to create different identities that corresponded with the fake ID’s they were carrying.
Alfredo Barossi Fernandez is currently detained in the Pointe Blanche prison, but the two other fraudsters are not in detention yet.

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