Laville: “William Marlin is obsessed with me.”

POSTED: 07/19/11 11:43 AM

St. Maarten – United People’s (UP) Party faction leader Romain Laville said Monday he believes that faction leader of the National Alliance William Marlin is obsessed with him because he’s continued to refuse to join with him.

“This goes as far back as right after the elections when I was asked to join with the National Alliance by two friends of William Marlin who took me to Captain Oliver’s Restaurant and then through trying to say that the coalition is divided but I do not intend to jump ship,” Laville said.

The UP faction leader’s comments relate to Marlin’s continued criticism of Finance Minister Hiro Shigemeto’s decision to only pay for two MPs to attend Parlatino meetings in Mexico and the stance taken by the members of the UP Party, Democratic Party and Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Illidge to withdraw three motions after they had signed on to them. One of those motions relates to instructing GEBE to give consumers 50 percent relief on the fuel clause for a period of six months.

Trip details

Laville denied the charges of “demanding, pressuring or pushing” the Finance Minister to scale back the parliamentary delegation and revealed that informal discussions between MPS is what led to the scale back. He also revealed that had Marlin been on island, and not in the Netherlands, the pair would have been the two travel to Mexico.

“I was just trying to help and the one mistake that we made was not to go through the Presidium to scale down the delegation,” Laville said.

Laville revealed that he was prompted into action because the 118, 000 guilder expense for MPs to travel to the Netherlands had basically depleted the parliament’s travel budget and his initial intention was to find the 50, 000 guilders needed for all six MPs to travel, but after having two proposals turned down he made the proposal for two people to go.

“Patrick Illidge and William Marlin were already in the Netherlands, Louie Laviest, whose mother was ailing and passed away on Monday, did not want to be away because he wanted to be there for her and his family and one other MP who was supposed to go said they would have no problem not going and that is how we came down to two,” Laville explained.

The two proposals Laville tabled included reducing the amount budgeted for purchasing a vehicle for the President of Parliament and using part of the allocation for paying the membership fee for Parlatino.

The night before Laville and party colleague Sylvia Meyers were due to travel, the pair decided not to take the trip and Laville said Monday they’ve returned the per diem they’d received. He’s also cautioned Marlin away from playing politics.

“I don’t know why this is an issue. It must be the old politics against the new. I can assure you that I will not go after anybody but I’d like to remind Mr. Marlin that in coming after me, there are many more skeletons in other people’s closets,” Laville said.

GEBE Motion

Laville also explained on Monday that even though he felt the motion on reducing the fuel clause at GEBE by 50 percent for six months was noteworthy because “all of us are seeking relief” approving it would have created false hope.

“There have been Commissioners, Supervisory Boards, Shareholders and Ministers who have tried to get the management to give some relief but they have not been successful and it would be false hope to think that a motion in parliament will make a difference,” Laville said.

The UP faction leader said he’d also contacted members of GEBE’s Supervisory Boards to find out if giving that type of relief was feasible and they’d told him it was not. Laville now intends to submit a motion on GEBE that deals with the tariff and the use of alternative energy at the “first meeting of parliament after the recess.” The motion is one of four that he intends to table when MPs return to work on August 8.

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