Laveist says UP-leader Heyliger supports actions by Jules James

POSTED: 01/25/12 11:40 AM

“If this continues labor unrest is unavoidable”

St. Maarten – The National Alliance is looking at the complete civil code with regard to labor laws, MP Louie Laveist said yesterday. He criticized UP-leader Theo Heyliger for remaining silent on the controversy surrounding parliamentarian Jules James, who is at the heart of a labor conflict at the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina.
“James has now become so confident because his party leader has not said anything publicly. Thereby he is giving him his support. Silence gives consent. The leader of the UP-party is supporting the actions of Jules James.”
Laveist said that the employees that have returned to work and signed a contract did not receive a copy of their labor contract. So far, the resort offered 92 of the former Pelican-employees a job, but it is unclear how many of them have taken the offer.

Laveist called on the defenders of laborers’ rights to stand united. “They have shown that they do not fear labor unions. This is union-busting. I don’t want labor unrest on this island, but if this situation continues it will be unavoidable. It is a shame if James and the government are successful in violating the liberties of the people. The government is putting the rights of a foreign investor ahead of those of their own people. That is a betrayal of trust. I hope people will never ever forget what the UP-party and its leader have done to them.”

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Laveist says UP-leader Heyliger supports actions by Jules James by

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