Laveist blasts government over bad road maintenance

POSTED: 01/25/12 11:38 AM

St. Maarten – National Alliance parliamentarian Louie Laveist blasted the Vromi-ministry yesterday morning during an impromptu press briefing at the parliament building about the traffic situation in Cole Bay. “Nobody is paying attention to these shortcomings and if you say something about it they take it personal,” Laveist said. “this is a very simple situation and it is crippling the economy.”
Laveist referred to the awesome hole in the road surface of Welfare Road between the Tropicana Casino and Blue Point. The damaged road surface forces traffic to slow down to a crawl, causing huge and unnecessary traffic jams. “All government has to do is fill that hole,” Laveist said. “But it seems that they want to leave it like this to justify a multi-million dollar project” – an unspoken reference to the plans for a causeway over the Simpson Bay lagoon.
“It is a bloody shame,” Laveist continued. “I call on the government to do what they were elected to do. The people have gone through enough frustration with the so-called upgrade of Welfare Road. The government cannot continue to let people suffer just to satisfy a few of their fat cats.”
The situation in Cole Bay is not the only one to cause unnecessary traffic delays. Other examples of failed road maintenance are the Sucker Garden Road and the A. Th. Illidge Road in Dutch Quarter.

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