Late Editor-in-Chief gets moving service

POSTED: 06/24/13 11:52 AM

St. Maarten – Making their presence felt at the memorial and thanksgiving service for the late Courtney Emmanuel Gibson at the SS.Simon & Jude Anglican Church on Back Street last Friday was as important as what the sympathizers  would have liked to say about a man who was highly respected where-ever he went. Gibson was the Editor-in-Chief at the Daily Herald.

Sitting in one of the front isles with her son Juel at her side was teacherJuliet Dannett Gibson, aka Liz and one after the other sympathizers took the opportunity to offer their heart felt condolences to the grieving family. When words were not enough, a silent hug and a pat on the backs suited the occasion.

Among  those present in the church was Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams and randomly a few persons capitalized on the final opportunity to pay a tribute to a friend, whose passing has left a huge void especially among the hierarchy of the Guyanese community.

Mr. Gibson was described in many words by a few persons who had the opportunity to work closely with him in the media as well as in community based organizations. But it was his son Juel that put things in the proper perspective during his moving eulogy as he fought to hold back the tears.

“My father did not only have the ability to write well, but he also had the ability to relate to people he encountered. He was the person in our family that would reach out to a family member that found themselves on the fringes,” he said.

As if mirroring his father’s ability to speak, Juel who was consoled by his mother dapped the tears from his eyes before he continued. “It was my father’s belief that the line between family and friends was very blurred. A friend in need may have very well been his sister or brother and he loved to maintain a relationship that many of us would have simply written off as time passed,” he added.

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  1. Juel says:

    His son Cuthbert gave a tribute while his daughter Juel, read the eulogy.