Last minute withdrawal draws ire from civil servants

POSTED: 03/1/11 12:42 PM

St. Maarten – Liccom NV’s “last minute” withdrawal of a bid on the construction of the new public FBE School in Belvedere has been called illegal and intolerable. The company’s representative at the public bidding removed their offer, which was already in the hands of the Director of New Works Kurt Ruan, after they heard bids from other participating companies.
“This is an uncommon practice and is not fair to the other contractors involved and was not very much appreciated by the representatives of Government,” Ruan and Innovations Director Angela Dekker said in a joint statement.
Betonbouw Caribbean Construction N.V (Nafls 4.982.000,-) and Taliesin Construction (Nafls 5.374.499,73) had also bid for the project. Both have committed to putting down 10 percent of the tendered price. Betonbouw was requested to submit all the relevant documents including the “open cost estimate” for perusal and evaluation to Independent Consulting Engineers (ICE). The latter company has been assigned to do the preparation works and design engineering of the new elementary school.
The new elementary school, which is co-financed by USONA (Nafls 1.7 Million) and the Government of St. Maarten, as part of the Socio-Economic Initiative (SER) will have eight class rooms, a state of the art gym hall, bathroom facilities, a resource center, offices and conference rooms. It will also have special classrooms for music, a room for a speech therapist, facilities for early childhood learning and a covered playground.

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Last minute withdrawal draws ire from civil servants by

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