Lake appraised of country’s preparedness

POSTED: 07/9/13 12:06 PM

Tropical Storm Chantal closely monitored

St. Maarten – The third tropical storm system of the Atlantic hurricane season – tropical storm Chantal – is currently east of the Eastern Caribbean island chain.

Chantal is forecasted to pass through the island chain in the vicinity of the islands of St. Lucia, Martinique and Dominica during the course of tomorrow.

Minister of Infrastructure Maurice Lake met with the management team of the Ministry of Vromi yesterday morning where he was briefed about the island’s preparedness in the event of inclement weather.

Chantal does not pose a threat to St. Maarten.  The storm is forecasted to pass well south of the country, but the Office of Disaster Management continues to closely monitor the storm system for any possible changes in its forecasted track.

Lake took a proactive approach yesterday after learning about the tropical storm.  “I was pleased to learn when we went through the checklist with respect to storm pumps and trench cleaning, we are on track and would be able to act very quickly should the need arise,” Lake said.

“I would like to also use this opportunity to call on the community to make sure they have completed their hurricane season checklist and don’t wait until the last minute because then it will be too late.  Make sure you are prepared for this hurricane season,” Lake added.

The Ministry of Vromi is an integral part of the country’s disaster management system as Emergency Support Function (ESF-3).

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Lake appraised of country’s preparedness by

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