Lack of space in Point Blanche prison

POSTED: 03/17/14 6:41 PM

St. Maarten – Last week, the Public Prosecution Service had to send home two suspects as a consequence of overcrowding in the prison at Point Blanche. The prison is currently being rebuilt from wing to wing and, as a result, 30 detention places are less available. The suspects who were sent home are D.R., suspect of fire arm possession and M.H.K., suspect of human smuggling.

At the request of the Public Prosecution Service, the Minister of Justice sent three prisoners home as well, in order to create space in the prison. It involves three prisoners who nearly completed their punishments.

In addition, because of the lack of detention space, the Public Prosecution Service chose not to take in to pre-trial detention two people suspected of money laundering.

An urgent meeting took place between the head prosecutor, the police chief, and the prison manager. They agree this is a highly undesirable situation and a solution must be found soon. An advice on this matter will be presented to the Minister of Justice.

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