Lack of financial expertise hampered fraud investigations

POSTED: 06/26/13 12:13 PM

St. Maarten – The police force did not have enough detectives to investigate money laundering criminality in 2012 and country St. Maarten was therefore unable to meet the demands in this field from the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force CFATF, the Public Prosecutor’s Office writes in its 2012 annual report. However, at the end of May 16 police officers completed training in financial investigation, bringing the police force up to standards.

In the 2012 annual report the prosecutor’s office was still somber about a solution for this situation. “A conscious choice for investing in financial expertise is for the coming years an absolute must. The police force must be enabled to make this a reality. This is possible by hiring external knowhow and by training selected detectives in a timely manner. In the short term the latter option offers however insufficient solace.”

The shortage of detectives with financial expertise hampered the police also in tackling fraud-investigation and the writing of complex files for the seizure of illegally obtained profits.

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Lack of financial expertise hampered fraud investigations by

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