Labor Minister Boasman indexes minimum wage

POSTED: 10/26/15 10:43 AM

St. Maarten – The indexing of the minimum wage will go into effect in January 2016 according Minister of Labor Raphael Boasman said this week. Minimum wage earners will get 8 more cents on top of their current hourly wage of 8.75 and receive 8.83 guilders per hour. Last year, former Minister Cornelius de Weever also indexed the minimum wage.

The legal basis for the Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor to index the minimum wage can be found in article 13, paragraph 1 of the National Ordinance Minimum Wages. ”The index price list has been looked at and I want to keep up with the cost of living and keep up with the consumer spending power. This is why I decided that it should be indexed again come 2016,” Minister Boasman said.

The Social Economic Council advised in December 2012 to index the minimum wage every year.

Employers should take note of the indexation and have it properly adjusted on the pay slips of their employees.

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Labor Minister Boasman indexes minimum wage by

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