Labor Affairs acquires additional resources for labor market

POSTED: 04/9/13 11:40 AM

St. Maarten – In an effort to improve services for the general public and all stakeholders the Department of Labor Affairs has successfully acquired and implemented further resources in the form of additional job placement officers, job coaches and social workers as of January 1 in section labor market.

The section serves as a focal point for many of the services offered by the department such as business and labor registration, unemployment and vacancy registration job placement and dismissal.

The job placement team now has additional job placement officers equipped with techniques to assist persons with finding suitable employment and assisting the business community in fulfilling the employment needs of the labor market.

Labor Affairs has gone beyond extra job placement officers to include services provided by a job coach and social worker in close consultation with the job placement team. The core objective of the job coach is to prepare, coach and mentor candidates for placement by utilizing career path methods.

In some cases, candidates will be referred to a social worker for assessment and additional services according to the needs of the person. The role of the social worker, in general, is to address social concerns that may be affecting the candidate both personally and/or professionally.

The various officers tasked with executing such responsibilities have a comprehensive and holistic approach and work closely with each other to improve overall success and service for the clients who visit and utilize the diverse amenities.

The Ministry of Labor and by extension the Department of Labor Affairs continues to support and promote sustainable employment through programs such as the Employability through Training Project which offers the opportunity for further social development, specialized training and certification to persons within the community.

The department continues to strive for innovation and improved service for the community in the form of a newly implemented complaint service now available at all sections, services in various districts via the Integrated Neighborhood Development Program and access to varied amenities in the public service center coming soon in Simpson Bay. Section Labor Market continues to have remarkable success by increasing placement in the labor market by strategically improving private and public partnerships in the form of viable job opportunities.

For further information concerning any of the services and programs at the department, contact the Department of Labor Affairs by visiting and speaking with the available officers or calling 542-3561/543-7509 or email


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