Knight named valedictorian

POSTED: 06/30/11 12:40 PM

63 graduate from Hillside

St. Maarten – Hillside Christian Schools celebrated the graduation of class 2010-2011 at the Belair Community Center last Friday. Some 63 were the proud recipients of their diplomas. The theme chosen this year was “Pursue your dreams with courage”. Board representative Pastor Elmead Allen helped with the awarding of the certificates.

The mood at the graduation ceremony was one of enthusiasm and joy. This year’s valedictorian was Tyanna Knight. She thanked the Lord in the first place and her parents and teachers for helping her and her classmates get through the years at the Hillside Christian Schools.

“I would like to leave you with these words of encouragement: Go forward but do not forget the past and the nice times we had here at Hillside. Remember, only the good you do will last. Always give more than what is required of you. To understand others, you must listen more. Let us support and encourage each other, though far apart,” she said.

Special awards were presented to the most outstanding students in various subjects:  Shantelle Jessurun excelled in Math and Dutch and Chantee Sherwood excelled in English. Per grade level the best students were Emogene Sophonie (8A) Yailin Colastica (8B) and Shane Shamdeo (8C). The most creative students were Sanasha Boodhoo, Beckie Fellisaint and Shanika Missoudain. The best behaved students were Rachel Barrette, Fabienne Janvier and Danielle Taylor.

The graduation ceremony concluded with a speech by Mr. and Mrs. Emogene (parents) encouraging parents to guide their children in the right direction by making sure they get a good night’s rest and feed them a good breakfast before sending them off to school so they can focus and do well at school.

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