Klass Electronics robber sentenced to 6 years

POSTED: 09/19/12 1:46 PM

GREAT BAY – The Common Court of Justice sentenced 21-year-old Richard Charles to 6 years imprisonment for his involvement in three armed robberies and for making threats against the mother of one of his co-defendants. Solicitor-General Taco Stein demanded 7 years at the trial on August 30, the same punishment the Court in First Instance handed down in April.
Charles was involved in an armed robbery on July 29 of last year whereby a security guard who was on his way to the bank was robbed of $18,000 belonging to his employer Klass Electronics on Front Street. On December 12 he robbed a man of his car in Marigot Hill in St. Peters and on the same day he robbed the Sol gas station on Bush Road of $500, while he robbed a random customer of an additional 50 guilders.
Dwight Persel Julius Thomas was the driver of the getaway car for the Klass electronics robbery. He was sentenced to 24 months in April, with 9 months suspended. A second robber, Antoine Lumène received a 26 month sentence with 7 months suspended.

A week after the December 12 robbery Charles threatened the mother of Dwight Thomas with a gun, saying “Do you know what a 37-caliber is? If your daughter was not in the car with you I would blow your fucking head of. I know where you live.”
The court rejected attorney Shaira Bommel’s defense that statements Thomas had made against her client were unreliable. The court ruled that this statement finds sufficient support in other evidence.
“The defendant committed three armed and violent robberies. Together with others he has robbed an associate of an electronics store of a box with a considerable amount of money under threat with a firearm and after a struggle. He also pulled a young man from his car and drove off with it. The owner of the car was hit and kicked. The defendant hit the young man with a firearm on his head until he started bleeding and while he drove away he fired a shot,” the court noted in its ruling. Fit refers to the threats Charles made against Thomas’ mother. “In the presence of her 7-year-old daughter the defendant threatened to blow her head away. He behaved without any respect whatsoever and he also did not show any consideration for the feelings of fear his words could have on the mother and her daughter.

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