Klass Electronics robber gets 7 years behind bars

POSTED: 04/12/12 12:55 PM

GREAT BAY – Richard Charles, the main suspect in the July 29, 2011 Klass Electronics armed robbery was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment in the Court in First Instance yesterday. The verdict is one year below the demand prosecutor mr. Manon Ridderbeks made at the trial on March 21. Charles, a 20-year-old Martinois, robbed an associate of the store of $18, 000 he was about to take to the bank. The driver of the getaway car, 20-year old Dwight Persel Julius Thomas received $3,000, and Charles split the rest with fellow-robber Antoine Lumene.

Thomas was sentenced to 24 months, with 9 months suspended and 2 years of probation.

Lumene was sentenced to 26 months, of which 7 months are suspended, and 2 years of probation.

Charles was also sentenced for a robbery at the Sol gas station on Bush Road on December 12 of last year, where he took $500 from a pump attendant under threat of a gun and another $550 from a random customer. A week later he threatened the mother of Dwight Thomas with a gun, saying “Do you know what a 37-caliber is? If your daughter was not in the car with you I would blow your fucking head of. I know where you live.”

The robbery at Klass Electronics occurred in the early morning hours, shortly before nine o’clock. When an associate of the Front Street electronics store came outside with a box containing the previous day’s revenue, the robbers took it away in a surprise attack. The box contained approximately $18, 000 in cash and checks. At the home of Richard Charles, the robbers divided the $16, 000 in cash, giving $3, 000 to the getaway driver and splitting the rest.

An attentive vegetable-stand owner saw two men get into the car driven by Dwight Thomas on the morning of the robbery and reported the license plate number to the police. When Thomas was arrested on December 13, he immediately confessed and also named the other robbers.

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