Kingdom Council of Ministers awaits action by Parliament

POSTED: 10/5/11 12:45 PM

Integrity investigation Curacao

THE HAGUE – The Kingdom Council of Ministers awaits a position by the Parliament in Willemstad about recommendations in the Rosenmöller committee report Do It Yourself. The Council’s reaction is in line with the report’s tone of voice and the opinion of a majority of parliamentarians.
A draft letter that contains a reaction to the report, states that the Kingdom Council of Ministers urges the Parliament and the government in Curacao to take the necessary measures based on the committee’s recommendations. The council also suggests that parties prevent further escalation of the developments described in the report, “especially where it concerns the aggressive tone of the debate is concerned, the verbal intimidation of people, violations of privacy and media boycotts.”
“The Kingdom Council of Ministers finds it hard to imagine that in a democratic society the Parliament will just take note of the observations the report describes proceed to the order of the day,” the letter states. “Also it seems to the Kingdom Council of Ministers that the government in Curacao, in the interest of restoring its own authority and the society’s confidence therein, wants to dispel suspicions and accusations or, if they turn out to be accurate, to take the proper measures to restore integrity.”
The Kingdom Council of Ministers furthermore points out that the controversy surrounding the Central Bank “not only affects the economy of Curacao, but also the economy of St. Maarten.”
The Council presumes that the recommendations the committee made about the working relationship with the central Bank will be adopted. The letter specifically refers to the quarterly consultation that is anchored in the law.
The Kingdom Council of Ministers states being aware that there is a third option (invoking article 43 of the Kingdom Charter – ed.). For the time being however, the Council states that it has “sufficient confidence that the competent authorities in Curacao themselves will take the necessary steps.
Amigoe reported yesterday about the letter and claimed to have a copy in its possession..
Curacao’s Minister of Plenipotentiary, Sheldry Osepa, is satisfied with the reaction. “They have decided that Curacao will get the opportunity to take a position. That is how it should be, that countries get that opportunity first,” he told Amigoe.
The Kingdom Council of Ministers spent an extra meeting on the Rosenmöller report. Osepa did not want to comment on the way this meeting went, but word on the street is that several ministers opposed waiting for a decision by the Parliament in Curacao. The report recommends that the Parliament establishes a Committee of wise Men that will be charged with investigating the integrity of Prime Minister Schotte, Economic Affairs Minister el Hakim and Fnance Minister Jamaloodin.
Kingdom Relations Minister Piet Hein Donner declined to react to the letter’s content, as did Prime Minister Mark Rutte. A spokesman for Donner said that he has no comment at the moment and the Government Information Service said the same for PM Rutte. “When there is a concrete decision or when there is a conclusion, we will issue a press release, but there are also subject whereby we do not do that. That procedure applies to the Council of Ministers and also to the Kingdom Council of Ministers,” a GIS-spokesman told Amigoe.

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