King Yen holds quarterly national taekwondo exams

POSTED: 11/22/12 1:21 PM

St. Maarten – After 10 hours of intense taekwondo examinations which was held at the King Yen school last Saturday, over 50 students passed with flying colors in the final test of the year and now they are ready for the next step in their sporting career.

These examinations are based on the trainings program of the “King Yen” Tae Kwon Do School and are in accordance with the examination rules and regulations of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) under the auspices of the St. Maarten Taekwondo Federation.

“Like the cycle of life that is all around us every day, each colored belt stands for a different stage of life in Taekwondo” Grand Master Liu explained. The students underwent a battery of physical tests that involved the demonstration of martial arts Forms (Taeguks), several defensive and offensive techniques and sparring. The testing concluded with the students having to break boards and free sparring.


The scores are based on proper order, beauty, grace, rhythm, accuracy, confidence, power, technique and attitude. The total points together with regular class attendance and good behavior determines if the student may advance to a higher rank.

Grandmaster Liu was assisted by 1st Dan black belt holders, Attorney at Law Jeroen Veen and Roberto Patrick. According to Liu, Liu, he was happy to see so many parents and family members during the examinations.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their undivided support that they continue to give their children who participate in Taekwondo.  A parent’s support is very essential in order for the student to move along with his or her Tae Kwon Do development. In general it is very important for parents to support their kids in whatever activity or hobby they are involved in,” Grandmaster Liu noted.

“I was impressed by eleven year-old Naomi Loor, daughter of Charlene and Marcel Loor as well as 11-year-old Yvyanne Louisa, daughter of Haymine and Eldert Louisa.  I am very proud of all my students,” Grand Master Theo Liu added.

However, there were also some students that could have done better.  They did not pass then, but they may take a re-examination on December 8. “That is not a tragedy, most students are still very young, they have ample time to train and master their techniques before they can take the black belt exam.”

Black belt exams are conducted once a year and are by invitation only. The next Dan promotion to the Black Belt first and second Dan will be hold in January 2013.


“Each time the students graduate from one level to the next, it is a positive development for the Taekwondo sport on the new country St. Maarten.  It contributes tremendously to our island’s participation in regional and international Taekwondo tournaments. The good results were showed recently again when the St.Maarten Tae Kwon Do team won 20 Gold, 15 Silver and 9 Bronze medals in the participation of the 2012 USA All Star Championship in Orlando, USA.

Liu also referred to the many great results every time he takes a team to participate abroad. The seeds sown have been reaping results,” Grandmaster Liu concluded. Those who graduated in this examination are as follows.

Seniors (adults):

6th kuye (green belt):

Talkami, Carlo


1st kuye (red belt – black stripe):\

Kerdijk, Reuel

Modeste, Thomas Jr.

Shamdeo, Shannen

Shamdeo, Shane

2nd kuye (red belt):

Dupersoy, Malik

Dupersoy, Umi

Kalra, Prerna

Kalra, Rohan

Sagre, Druv

3rd kuye (blue belt – red stripe):

de la Rosa, Perlania

Dupersoy, Naeem

Soriano, Ian

4th kuye (blue belt):

Brown, Paul

5th kuye (green belt – blue stripe):

Carty, Jenelle

Loor, Naomi

Richardson, Tyrell

Rombley, Jeremiah

Sachdev, Gaurav


6th kuye (green belt):

George, Kairam

Rombley, Jheremy


7th kuye (yellow belt – green stripe):

Arrindell, Michael

Aventurin, Amedeus

Calmero, Gimora

George, Kairan

Louisa, Ivyanne

Luijks, Marijn

Schroff, Siddarth

Strijder, Sven

Vaswani, Yuvraj

Wilson, Justin


8th kuye (yellow belt):

Arrindell, Michael

Destin, Ajani

La Spina, Sergio

Louisa, Ivyanne

Rabess, Ronald

Williams, Samson

Wilson, Justin

9th kuye (white belt – two yellow stripes):

Amatkasmoeri, Caitlin

Davelaar, Elan

Destin, Ajani

Ersilia, Curtley

Gabbidon, Nathaniel

Goedhart, Robmar

Louisa, Joel

Rabess, Ronald

Sutton, Rheantonito

Washington, Destiny

Williams, Samson

10th kuye (white belt – one yellow stripe):

Amatkasmoeri, Caitlin

Davelaar, Elan

Gabbidon, Nathaniel

Goedhart, Robmar

Morillion, Dante

Racherds, Sherwin

Washington, Destiny

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