King Verse and Mighty Dow win the Soca Rumble titles

POSTED: 04/19/16 5:48 PM

wwwtwo new kingsThe Mighty Dow and King Verse share a light moment with two of the promotional girls as they displayed their checks for the cameras. Photo Today / Milton Pieters

St. Maarten News – Two new Kings ascended to the throne at the conclusion of the 2016 Soca Rumble competition which took place in the Festival Village last Friday. King Verse was declared the winner in the Soca Power category, the Mighty Dow won in the Soca Groovy category and the Soca Rumble Deejay title went to Dj Kilo.

King Verse, who broke into the airwaves in 2015 with a tune entitled ‘Getting On Bad’ which went on to become a very big hit was able to dethrone Ricky da Fox, last year’s winner with a tune called ‘Pressure In The Mudda’ and the Mighty Dow also dethroned ‘King Timo’ with a tune entitled ‘Bounce It Around’.

In addition to winning the coveted titles and a cash prize of $10,000 each – Courtesy of the Starz Casino in Cupecoy – the winners will be afforded an opportunity to perform in Miami during the summer holidays. The competition, organized by Montage NV, involved 20 challengers along with the defending Kings.

Both winners demonstrated their ability to captivate the almost capacity audience and impress the judges. The grand entrance by the Mighty Dow was breath taking and King Verse showed how versatile he was while performing on stage with his group of experienced back up dancers before his precarious stance on the rails between the stage and the excited audience.

The criteria for selection was simple, all participants were required to submit their choice of songs with the names of the singers and the finalists were chosen based on musical arrangements, delivery, timely submissions and show readiness.

However, the judges faced a challenge this time in the selection process due to the quality of the entries that were submitted. Those that competed in the Soca Groovy category were as follows.

Big George, Urmain Durmoy, King James, Baker Jr, X-Rey, Ebony Empress, Kenyo, King Verse, Mighty Dow, Magic and Ricky Da Fox, the defending King. In the Soca Power category, the participants included Lady Baker, Kenyo, Shakiya, Roxxy, Ricky da Fox, King James, Magic, King Verse, Fish Da Mega Boss and the Mighty Dow all going up against King Timo. The Soca Deejay competition which was introduced for the first time involved DJ Joker and Dj Kilo and Dj Kilo was the one that went home with a Mac book pro 15″ inch and a Pioneer SZ controller.

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