Killing the murderer of tourist. Was justice served?

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St. Maarten News – By Milton G Pieters —All lives matters is one of the mantras being widely discussed in the United States now in light of the current racial tension. That question could also be applied to the murder suspect in the Wendy Montulet killing, who was killed this past weekend in a Guadeloupe jail allegedly by inmates. The above mentioned headline is currently one of the hottest topics in the United States, but after the gruesome death of a French resident while in custody in a Guadeloupe jail, the big question on everyone’s minds is: was justice served or did the inmates take the law into their own hands?

This newspaper was able to get mixed reactions via social media. The following is what they had to say about the matter that is quickly gaining attention from a wide cross-section of the community.


“I think it wasn’t a good idea to kill him. If I was a lawyer I would be able to get his family compensation for the loss because even if he had raped the girl and stabbed her to death, he still is human and deserved to serve his sentence. But I don’t believe the French law deals with death penalty if I am not mistaken.”


“Honestly think that wasn’t a good idea. What makes the prisoners any better than him? I strongly believe sending him to that prison was a wrong decision especially knowing that his father is a police officer. What he did was wrong yes but what was done to him is very wrong as well he needed justice, he was tortured maybe raped and beaten. The press all over for the young lady so why is no one talking about him and all we are seeing is videos being taped by inmates and being sent to Facebook, is that a vacation spot? How much other men raped women and are in a prison that didn’t get treated like this.”


“Nope, it wasn’t a good idea because justice was already served when he was caught by the police and sent to jail for his actions. The rest that happened after that was just straight up wrong.”


“I don’t consider it being justice served because you don’t fight fire with fire. We never even gotten to know why he did it and how exactly he did it. Killing him didn’t change the fact that she’s dead and gone.”


“That was his designed way to die. Everybody got one and can’t run from it so I’m in no way saddened by his demise but disgusted by the act he did to that woman. I have zero tolerance for rapists.”

Mirto Breel

“Two wrongs don’t make a right; from what I understood he was mentally not stable. He may not have known what he did. Not saying he should not pay for his crime. The Gendarme took him away and put him in a cell where he was not protected. This is the first time we have ever heard someone being executed in one of these jails like that. I beg to wonder if it was a local who was raped and killed if he would have been treated this way. Could it be because she was a white tourist that they felt the law believed it ok to put him in a situation where inmates would do their bidding for them? I don’t believe what he did was right and I do not believe what happened to him is right. What will the law be doing to ensure prisoners are safe? It actually wasn’t even proven in a court of law that he was guilty. We will never know what motivated him to do what he did.”


“Not a good idea. He should have been placed in isolation. Firstly due to his mental state, secondly, awaiting trial, he should have never been placed in the general population at the prison. No matter the crime committed, he was not given due justice. Avoiding the hype, my humble opinion is that this case warrants further investigation. This is in my opinion gross negligence. Yes, this was a heneous crime committed against the young lady in question. Yes if guilty he should have faced sentencing. Now we will never know if he was indeed the killer. Was forensic details collected showing him as the killer? As a parent I would demand legal assistance to get to the bottom of this. Two sets of grieving parents.”


“Maybe it was instant karma; what goes around comes around. He took a life and the guys in jail took his own, justice served.”


“Not a good idea. We live in a country with laws and no one is supposed to take the law into their own hands as gruesome as the crime was. As painful as it may be for the family and the community. We have to allow the justice system to run its course. Everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty no matter how unacceptable the nature of the crime may be.”


“He did something not expecting to get caught or not even thinking his turn would come to feel what the girl felt which is karma. I think it was justice he took away an innocent life and expect to live. They took his the same way he took hers no remorse.”


“I think not because I hate what he did to that girl, but nobody deserves to die like that. God is who supposed to judge us not human beings. They should of at least let him suffer everyday over and over but not kill him. To me leaving him suffer over and over he would regret what he did and wish he did not rape and killed that girl the way he did. He would have wished he was dead but don’t give him the pleasure of actually dying; let him go through it everyday.”


“From what I understood, he was killed in the cell with other inmates. Personally no, I find the law had their job to do for him to be able to serve time and get punished, but the inmates took it in their hands. I sympathised with both families, because he was totally wrong for doing such crime.”


“I don’t think justice was served, as much as people are saying he got done to him what was done to her. He actually got off scotch free. The family gets no justice. It’s painful for the family however, we have to let the law do its job. I know it was painful for many of us to read what happened to the young lady. However taking the law into our own hands only creates more crime. Persons will think if he did it well I can do it too. That’s is not a society we live in, the laws are in place to provide an objective standard of determining guilt and administering punishment. They should have allowed the law to act as judge.”

Angela Smeins

“Justice was not served but I don’t think it was a good idea to kill him either. Justice should have been served, let him live with a guilty mind and let God deal with him the right way.”


“It is not good because he never got a chance to defend himself, but in cases like these the other inmates get upset when crimes like that are committed. Especially when it concerns crimes like rape of women, children.”

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