Justice Ministers of the Kingdom meet here in June

POSTED: 03/17/11 1:35 PM

Duncan continues to develop cooperation with Caribbean counterparts

St. Maarten – Justice Minister Roland Duncan has reached agreement with his counterparts on Aruba – Arthur Dowers – and Curacao – Elmer Wilsoe – to continue cooperation on training of new and existing police officers, cooperation on the Civil Code of Procedure and cooperation on the Criminal Code of Procedure.
“We’re looking to set up our own first, basic, educational, joint recruitment program very soon and we’re looking at where we’re going to get support and agreement from Aruba and Curacao,” Duncan said at Wednesday’s Council of Ministers press briefing.
The cooperation on the Civil Code and Criminal Code is not regulated at the moment, because the agreement Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles had “fallen away” when the latter ceased to exist on October 10, 2010.
“We have found it necessary none the less to continue that joint cooperation and we’re looking at ways and means to do it at the Ministerial level while we are looking at the preparation of legislation. We have a basic agreement between Curacao and St. Maarten, where free movement of people is concerned. I am working on a proposal that I’ll hopefully be submitting to the Council of Ministers next week. Aruba is still dealing with the same proposal and I expect they are going to be coming back to us,” Duncan said.
He has also announced that the four Justice Ministers of the Kingdom will meet here beginning June 20. Ahead of that the ministers from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom will meet.
“We’ll be hosting so we’ll be putting together a program for the Ministers when they come,” Duncan said.

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