Julius Garvey speaks at tribute to his father

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St. Maarten – The Freedom Fighters Foundation welcomes Julius Garvey, son of Marcus Garvey as one if its prominent guests on August 16 at its 16th annual tribute to Marcus Garvey. The Jamaican attorney Michael Lorne and French-side historian Daniela Jeffrey are also part of the lineup.

Marcus Garvey is considered the pioneer of Black Nationalism. He founded the United Negro Improvement Association (Unia) in 1914. Almost a century later, his son Julius was thrown out of his father’s movement for marrying a white woman.

Julius Garvey made the New York Times already back in 1987, where he told his interviewer Brenda Fowler that he had some serious thoughts for Americans. “I think white America has to look at itself in the mirror very critically. All men are brothers. All men were created in the image of God. All men were created equal. They have to formulate foreign and domestic policy based on that, because that its truth and it will survive.”

Though the interview took place nearly thirty years ago, some statements still ring true. Like this one. “Blacks are much more in control than at the time of my father. But it is important for the black man to realize that we have no yet reached our goal, which is self-determination.”

Marcus Garvey started a shipping company to inspire and link black business worldwide. Julius also believes that blacks must become stronger economically. Again, a true statement from 1987: “More and more blacks realize that simply subscribing to civil rights is not enough. They must have economic control. I think this is becoming a greater and greater realization in America.”

He also made this bold statement: “In the next few years black America will confront white America with its greatest moral challenge since the initiation of the new world. The name of this challenge is – What is our position on apartheid? We will destroy apartheid. It has no place in the existence of mankind. We will not wait another generation.”

Michael Lorne, a prominent criminal defense attorney from Jamaica and by historian Daniela Jeffrey will join Garvey, who is in his eighties now, at the tribute to his father.

The evening begins at 7 p.m. at the Belair Community Center. The entrance fee is $10.

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