Julian Rollocks defuses tiff with half-brother Cimmaron

POSTED: 08/24/11 6:02 PM

St. Maarten – “Every story has two sides, even the Border Point project,” Julian Rollocks wrote in a statement he issued yesterday as a reaction to a story this newspaper published last Saturday about a tiff between Rollocks and his half-brother Cimmaron Marlin. Rollocks demands that his half-brother removes a container from a piece of land on Arch Road; Rollocks has also presented him with a proposal to appoint him, Rollocks, as the manager of the Border Point project.

“I have chosen to remain silent on this issue due to the following reasons,” Rollocks wrote. “Cimmaron Marlin is and remains my brother, and I will not engage in bashing him. This dispute has a family and private nature, and should not be settled in a public arena, as it has no news, educational, nor entertainment value. Daily one would hear of gruesome family disputes on St. Maarten which are quietly settled in and sometimes out of court, not in public.”
Rollocks added that his 83-year-old mother is seriously ill. “I deeply love her, and this public melee can only worsen her situation,” he wrote.
Rollocks maintains that he has invested “nine months of time, energy and a substantial investment” into the Border Point project. “During this construction period, absolutely no one objected.”
Rollocks added that his attorney Michael Snijder has submitted “all of the supporting documents, affidavits, personal witness statements, and original receipts to the court. In the near future the court will pass judgment on this issue. Until then I shall have no further comment, and I hope this can be respected by all.”

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Julian Rollocks defuses tiff with half-brother Cimmaron by

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