Jouvert Morning bigger and better than ever

POSTED: 04/28/14 10:44 PM

St. Maarten – To date, the highly anticipated Jouvert Morning Jump Up around the Great Salt Pond attracted the largest amount of participants and spectators as St Maarten celebrates 45 years of Carnival in Caribbean style.

Tramping behind the sound system of their choices, some of the revelers who were on an adrenalin high after the ‘Night of the Hit Makers’ concert followed the anti clockwise path gingerly, but the majority had so much energy to burn that they needed more space to move, that was limited, though, under the circumstances.

Dressed in matching T shirts, the 17 participants that are here to participate in the Miss PJD2 Caribbean Queen Pageant that took place last evening added the Midas touch to the early morning proceedings when they joined the procession in the vicinity of Air Lekkerbek.

And as was expected, the highlight of the event was the getting wet by one of the water tenders that was strategically positioned for that sole purpose. It was a fitting way to cool down after tramping shoulder to shoulder for several hours.

At the conclusion of the Jouvert morning jam, booth holders had a task on their hands to replenish the energy levels by providing a variety of snacks which included bush tea, soups, and Johnny cakes. It was certainly a fun event and some revelers wished that they could have done it again.


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Jouvert Morning bigger and better than ever by

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