Joint controls resumes September

POSTED: 08/28/13 3:21 PM

St. Maarten – Joint controls conducted by members of the Labor and Public Health Inspectorate, SZV, Immigration and Coast Guard are set to resume next month. So says Inspector General Dr. Earl Best who made the announcement yesterday as he reported on the success of controls conducted in June and July.
The “random” inspections are being done to ensure that businesses are up to labor standards.
“These inspections will continue during the month of September. The Inspectorate hereby advises all businesses to have all of their documents in order, such as business registration, personnel list, overtime register, accident insurance, work schedule. All persons should carry on them a valid identification and their residence and work permits,” Dr. Best explained.
Between the period June to July 2013 businesses inspected were advised on regulations, some were issued written warnings and others fined dependent upon the violation.
A total of 25 establishments were inspected including cleaning companies, recruitment agencies, construction sites, night clubs, security companies, watersports companies, boat repair companies and one casino.

The joint operation resulted in 22 employees being found working illegally. Four fines were issued to companies for not complying with the Labor laws. The most common violations encountered were having illegal employees (violation of the ordinance LAV), not having a personnel list and not being registered with Labor Services.
Dr. Best said that the findings suggest that the private sector continues to break the law.
“This report shows that our businesses on St. Maarten are still ignoring the need of being fully compliant.”
However, no child labor was encountered during the joint inspections and all businesses were in compliance with the minimum wage ordinance (Landsverordening Minimumlonen).
By the time controllers take to the streets, the Inspectorate hopes to see several measures implemented at businesses, if not in place already. These include cleanliness, procedures in case of accidents, and clean drinking water for employees, sufficient daylight and efficient artificial lighting, sufficient ventilation and an overall safe and healthy working environment that includes the availability and use of personal protective equipment.

The general public is also encouraged to report irregular findings on consumable products, unhygienic conditions where food is prepared and sold, illegal sale of pharmaceuticals, medical interventions by non-registered professionals and all other possible violations of legislation and regulations to the Inspectorate.

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