Johnson elated with success of unity jump up

POSTED: 03/21/11 5:54 PM

St. Maarten – Energy levels reached their zenith Saturday night when hundreds of Carnival revelers did what comes naturally while marching behind the big trucks during the first event to kick off the 2011 Carnival celebrations in Country St Maarten.

There was never a dull moment from the time the procession moved off from the border in Cole Bay, gyrating to the music from the 4M band, No Limits and the Official Band. It was evident that when the last truck finally reached the road that runs parallel to parking lot outside the Festival Village at approximately 01.00 a.m., they were prepared to do it all over again, but the music had to be turned off.

“It was extremely successful and we received high praises from the police department,” said Stuart Johnson, President of the St Maarten Carnival Development Foundation, SCDF. According to Johnson, he also received similar reactions from several people who were not actively involved in the jump up .

The revelers will have another opportunity to tramp on March 26 and that is enough time for sore feet to heal temporary.  “The SCDF would like to encourage the public to come out and continue the spirit of Carnival. We also want to thank the thousands of persons that lined the route just to witness the jump up,” Stuart concluded.

With the exception of one minor incident after the parade, which has not been confirmed, the police officers that were responsible for maintaining order during the jump up were obviously outnumbered, but under the circumstances, they did a magnificent job and no serious incidents occurred.


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