John Larmonie Center hosts contemporary art showcase

POSTED: 06/22/12 2:33 PM

St. Maarten – Two of the island’s premier art institutions will be joining forces to present a full immersion into the world of contemporary arts at the John Larmonie Center this Saturday. The event, which is a collaboration between Imbali Center for Creative Movement and Head Made Factory, will feature the work of artists residing on both sides of the island. The event begins with a press conference on the details of the exhibition at 4:00 p.m. and will continue with guided tours of the different art pieces in each of the several rooms at the center until 10:00 p.m. “It is our intention to create a new artistic experience at the John Larmonie Center and to bring art showcases to a new level. In this vein artists have been given the opportunity to totally take over a space and use it to showcase his or her work,” Founder of the Imbali Center for Creative Movement Clara Reyes said.
The artists to be featured include Florence Poirier Nkpa (visual art), Albina Matuzko (contemporary clown), Peggy Oulerich (choreographer), Franch Fournes (painter), Bastien (painter), Lannig (video artist), Stephen Winkel (visual artist) and Reyes herself (choreographer). The format of the exhibit allows for a new kind of art experience, unlike any which had been presented on the island before.
“We plan to present a new dimension of artist and art exhibition on St. Maarten. It is our aim to feature artists in a variety of mediums and expressions, from video installations to photography installations to live visual art using dancers’ bodies as canvas. We also explore modern contemporary dance improvisation and other formats,” Reyes said.
Art lovers of all ages are encouraged to come out and indulge in this unique venture. Food art will also be presented by Florence Poirier Nkpa (who is also a co-founder of Head Made Factory) and there will be presentations by Klusha the clown (Albina Matuzko) and Peggy Oulerich (Modern contemporary dancer and choreographer).

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