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POSTED: 05/16/12 1:01 PM

St. Maarten – Exactly six months after the pilot project ended, the St. Maarten Job Kiosk will re-launch its improved website on June 1. The Kiosk previously operated from December 2010 to November 2011, servicing job seekers at home and abroad. Many job seekers found the Kiosk to be a valuable resource for job matching, personal career guidance and answers to employment related questions. The Kiosk is now emerging as St. Maarten’s virtual one-stop career center.
The Kiosk showcases new features, tools and resources that will make the quest for employment easier for job seekers, and promises to make life easier for local and regional recruiters, human resource professionals, local job agencies and employers. The site serves as a central point for the employer to organize, manage and track jobs and resumes.
The Kiosk provides a platform for employers to reach out locally and globally to qualified job candidates. It allows the employer to search, find, screen and even rate resumes. Other features include the option to schedule (phone) interviews, perform reference and background checks, create contact lists, create resume alerts, and organize applicant’s information and generate job reports.
All job and resume data is conveniently stored online for easy access and is password protected. Employers and job candidates will be able to download employment related forms directly from the Kiosk. The Kiosk also has a mobile site which makes the website accessible from most smartphones.
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