Jewels Forever robber sentenced to 30 months

POSTED: 11/1/12 11:56 AM

St. Maarten – Judge Tamara Tijhuis sentenced Derick Delan Wilson to 30 months imprisonment for his involvement in a robbery at the Jewels Forever store on Front Street on October 24 of last year.
The court had a higher sentence in mind than prosecutor Dounia Benammar demanded at the trial on October 17. At the same time, the judge granted Wilson a 12-month sentence reduction for the ill-treatment he has had to endure during his detention. After all the math was done, the end result equaled the prosecutor’s demand.
The 22-year-old defendant did not get much out of his robbery: a gold-colored bracelet, a gold ring and a set of gold earrings.
The robbery was committed by three men who entered the Jewels Forever store around 11.30 a.m. on October 24. They were all dressed in black and two of them were wearing masks. One man was not wearing a mask and he approached the store manager with a gun and put it against his head. Wilson was later recognized as the gun man.
The court did not believe Wilson’s story that he found the jewelry on the street after he saw how two robbers who were on the run for the police threw them away.

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