Jewelry designer Meevis leaves St. Maarten after seven years

POSTED: 05/11/11 11:38 AM

St. Maarten – Jewelry designer Hans Meevis left St. Maarten on Saturday for the Netherlands. His store in Simpson Bay, located at the end of the airport runway stands empty. On his blog, Meevis did not give an explanation for his departure.

In September of last year Meevis got into an argument with real estate agent Sagal Issak who accused him of insulting her. The jeweler and his wife spent a night in a police cell after the incident.

Meevis, who was born in South Africa, lived and worked for seven years in St. Maarten. Last year he told this newspaper that he got problems with Issak’s real estate company ever since she took over the management of the building where he plied his trade.

Issak accused Meevis of making racist remarks and of sequestration. When Issak wanted to leave the store after the argument, the entrance door was on a security lock. Meevis’ wife Anne said that she had told Issak “to say the magic word” before she released the lock.

Prosecutor Mud said at the time that insulting someone carries a penalty of a couple of months in prison or a maximum fine of 300 guilders. It is unclear whether Meevis left the island because of the incident.

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