JCI St. Maarten brainstorms way forward with planning meetings

POSTED: 06/10/11 1:42 PM

St. Maarten – The Board and Members of Junior Chamber International (JCI) St. Maarten have spent three intense evenings planning how to recruit more members and to improve the organization. They were assisted by the National Vice President Luiorgo Rosa, who is based in Curacao.

“I believe the message was well received and will be followed up when our National President meets in a month,” Rosa said.

Discussion focused on introducing the board and members to changes to the organization that the international JCI board approved in 2008 when the JCI adopted their strategic plan. The changes to the way the clubs do business were slow to reach the Dutch Caribbean because JCI members were not travelling to international meetings. That trend has now been reversed and the changes are being passed on.

The sessions with the board and members also focused on reintroducing them to the core value of the organization- Personal and Community Development and strategizing on recruitment. Rosa suggested that the club placing more focus on recruiting young professionals between 18 and 40 through the companies they work for and also targeting returning students, who may be looking to share the knowledge they have gained while also contributing to their community. The local board has latched on to the ideas and plans to use them next to their current strategy of having members invite their friends to join.

The recruitment drive is also meant to provide more people to assist with the activities that the organization has planned.

“We will be producing more activities. We’ve been quietly busy in the past few months but now we’re going to bring the name back and there are a number of activities being planned and our new members will be able to help us with those,” JCI Lom president Lionel Lawrence said.

People who wish to join the club can attend one of the monthly meetings at the UTS Training and Development Center. The meetings are held every last Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. People can also get updates on the organization by visiting their Face book page: JCI St. Maarten, sending an email to jci.stmaarten@gmail.com and call either 581-2181 or 522-0558.


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