Jay Haviser saves Simarc-trees

POSTED: 10/22/14 9:47 PM

St. Maarten – Resident archeologist Jay Haviser begged the government’s management department not to chop up the three tilted trees the St. Maarten Archeological Center (Simarc) planted four years ago along the Pondfill Road opposite the building of the Central Bank.

The roots of these trees were still good and the only thing that needed to be done was lift the trees straight up and brace them, Haviser notes in a Facebook post.

Haviser arranged a loader to deal with the situation but when he arrived he discovered that the largest of the four trees had already been chopped up on Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning he went back to put the remaining trees in an upright position using his own car; afterwards the archeologist braced them.

“I fully understand that badly damaged trees need to be removed, but it seems that chainsaw-fever has gone wild,” Haviser commented. “Everybody is chopping up everything. We have lost so many trees to Gonzalo. Let us please try to save the ones that can be saved.”

According to a preliminary inventory, hurricane Gonzalo destroyed around 25 historical trees on the island.


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