Jacobs: “This will encourage more students to stay on St. Maarten” – Universities sign new agreement

POSTED: 02/28/13 12:28 PM

St. Maarten – The University of St. Maarten (USM) and the University of the Netherlands Antilles (Una) signed a collaboration agreement yesterday at the A.C. Wathey Legislative Hall.

This agreement is an extension of an already existing one from 2006 and deals with Bachelor programs the USM offers on the business associate programs; Business Management and Accounting. The Una, which will be renamed the University of Curacao, offers these programs as well and has been working together with the USM for the last two years.

“This is wonderful news for St. Maarten and especially for the USM,” USM-President Annelies van den Assem said. “Associate students, who cannot go anywhere else for their education, are now able to continue their studies on St. Maarten and get their Bachelor degree that is also accredited in the Netherlands.”

Van den Assem thanked Education Minister Silveria Jacobs, who was present at the signing, for her hard work to get the education on St. Maarten to a higher level and that she is honored to share this achievement with the University of the Netherlands Antilles.

Una-rector Dr. Francis de Lanoy said to be glad the agreement can finally be signed today. “After I was informed about the ideas the two deans of both universities had on social economic studies I immediately embraced it. Our staff at the university has been working hard for a long time on the agreement,” he said. “I strongly believe that the universities in the Caribbean, especially in the Dutch Caribbean should work together to offer better education to our students.”

Minister Jacobs said to be also working very hard on the stimulation of studying in the region and she fully supports this opportunity to contribute to the development on St. Maarten. “With this agreement students are able to stay here and finish their education without having to leave the island. This for me is a big plus,” she said. “We are facing the same problem with students who are leaving to continue their studies but who are not returning to St. Maarten. I am very pleased to hear that we now can encourage more students to stay, especially the ones who don’t have the financial support to leave.”

“Therefore I wish the two universities all the success in the future with their collaboration and it will get the full support from my Ministry and myself,” the minister conducted.


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Jacobs: “This will encourage more students to stay on St. Maarten” - Universities sign new agreement by

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